Why Acne Scar Treatments Work

Acne is an undesirable condition and it may leave scars that can be light and hardly noticeable or more deep and pronounced. There are different types of acne scars and several acne scar treatments to deal with them. Dermatologist may recommend the procedure that they feel it will fit best the acne condition of the patient. Some patients may need more invasive procedures due to the severity of the scarring. Some scars left may be worse than other scars depending on the type of acne the individual has and how soon he/she treated the condition. A person may have discoloration of the area, develop scar tissue that is raised up – also known as keloids – or he/she may have nodules or cysts. This kind leaves the worst scarring.

After the acne has cleared up using the recommended product by a dermatologist, the recommended procedure will be performed. Depending on the type of scar, the skin type, and how severe is the tissue damage, the doctor will tailor the acne scar treatment. For many people, it will be a matter of a couple of sessions, this is in light scarring, but for other individuals it will require more visits as the scar is more pronounced. In addition, a skin doctor may decide to use more than one treatment, depending on the patient’s scars. Some methods will require outpatient intervention, while other methods are more invasive and will require hospital stay, as surgery will have to be performed.

The methods that are performed by a dermatologist work best, as they are monitored and tailored to the particular individual. In many of these treatments the outer layer skin is burned, scraped, and exfoliated so new cells can grow and bond, and new skin can appear, free of scarring. The production of collagen is also encouraged. Most likely patients will be prescribed certain creams to use while they are healing. In the case of surgery for acne scars, the scar is punched out and new skin is grafted in place. This requires sutures and a hospital stay and recovery.

All these methods expose new skin getting rid of the outer layer, which is effective in getting rid of the scarring, and surgery is effective for deep scars. Compared to over the counter and at home treatments, these are more effective methods.

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